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Website Credits

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Designed and developed with love and a dash of whimsy by Jenny Laine Designs, LLC. Jennifer has been using ASL to communicate since she was a baby due to generational family Deafness. It has often been said that her she and her Deaf grandmother had an undeniable kindred spirt.  That spirit continues to inspire her work today.

She works with purpose-driven businesses and organizations to help make the web a more delightful place and to help people like you get found online.

Got a project in mind? Make some digital magic with Jenny Laine Designs. She is hearing, communicates in, and is fluent in both English and ASL.

pale skinned and light haired female wearing a denim top.
Jenny Laine Designs Orange Logo with JLD in white
Nancy Rourke standing in front of a painting in her style

Book and Website Art Work Courtesy of Nancy Rourke


“My work has a centralized focus that makes a theme using categories that can be resistance, affirmation and liberation art. I create images, colours and construction that show different symbols and motifs.”




pale skinned and light haired female wearing a denim top.

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Rachel Zemach The Butterfly Cage Book Cover - Butterfly Art work
The Butterfly Cage Logo by Nancy Rourke -Butterfly with hands shaping the butterfly in red, light and dark blue and yellow.

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