Book Reading at The Book Passage

Marin | Corte Madera

August 26, 2023 | 11:00 AM

Come see what the buzz is about: learn and unlearn about Deaf people, our joys and dilemmas, in this fun, eye-opening reading and Q and A.

Interpreter will be present

Book Reading with Q and A

Come to an exciting and fun event! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, at August 26, 11:00am at Book Passage a gorgeous, very special bookstore in Marin.
I’m deeply honored they are hosting me. (When you look at their website you’ll see why!)

Event will be interpreted in ASL.

I will read a variety of short excerpts from my book, some funny, some serious and some shocking. Included will be an excerpt from a chapter that got cut from the book (learn the surprising read why.) We’ll have a Q and A, and I’ll sell/sign books. (Gifts for everyone who attends.)

T-shirt Giveaway

I’ll give away four beautiful T-shirts (with butterfly art-work by Deaf artist Nancy Rourke:)

Optional: Four questions: Email me the answers or write them down when you arrive; I will share some of your answers.

1) Why does Nancy Rourke use only red, blue, and yellow for her art?
2) How many Deaf children worldwide have access to education in a visual (signed) language?
3) Why do you think the issues of Deaf children are so similar, world-wide?
4) Why might I have chosen a butterfly motif/title to represent my book? Extra points if you bring a butterfly of some kind with you. (Not in a cage, please!)


Story Only Seen on Rachel

The Mother’s Day Mystery

Reviews: Amazon
Some very special people are attending; come be one of them!

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Excited to see you there!