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Excerpt: Philip Maldari: “You’re listening to “The Sunday Show” here on KPFA. I am Philip Maldari, and in this hour, I’m very pleased to be joined in by Rachel Zemach.

Rachel has completed a memoir of her life titled, The Butterfly Cage: Joy, Heartache and Corruption Teaching While Deaf in California Public Schools. Rachel is with us in the studio. Very pleased that you can join us in studio.”

Coruzant Technology

Excerpt: “In a world where disabled people are burdened with asking for an equity experience at every turn, Richard Horrell’s insistence on Universal Design is bold indeed. Then again, everything about him is bold. Tall, serious and seriously fit, he incongruently wears blue nail polish, and from the moment he gets off his Harley Davidson motorcycle, he exudes competence and intelligence…”

The Butterfly Cage Logo by Nancy Rourke -Butterfly with hands shaping the butterfly in red, light and dark blue and yellow.

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